PADI Departments and Units

PADI is governed by the Executive Committee and headed by the Chair Person. Under the Chair Person there are three Departments namely:


  1. Human Resources & Administration Department.
  2. Program Management Department.
  3. Finance Department.

There are Nine units under these Three Departments namely:


  1. Board & Advisory Board.
  2. CEO.
  3. AGM.
  4. Social, Health & Livelihood Unit.
  5. Planning & Resource Mobilization, Finance & Fund Raising Unit.
  6. Monitoring & Evaluation Unit.
  7. Training & Capacity Building Unit.
  8. IT & Communication Unit.
  9. Procurement & Supply, Purchase & Building Unit.


PADI: is an independent, Tanzanian, not for profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) working in Tanzania. Formally known as Ruvuma Mission to the Poor and Disabled (PADI), established on 17th June 1999 and registered as an NGO on 22nd November 1999 with registration certificate No. So: 10140.


Iskaka L. Msigwa, Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Iskaka L. Msigwa is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Tanzania Mission to the Poor and Disabled (PADI) from 17th June 1999. Iskaka had the vision of helping the Needy Older people, the poor and Disabled in Ruvuma Region, and PADI was founded to meet the vision targets. With Iskaka leadership PADI complied under the NGO Act (2002) and received the full registration. From 2008 to date PADI mission have extended beyond Ruvuma region, now the mission is to all over the country (Tanzania).



a) PADI Staff: PADI has 10 full time paid staffs namely 1 M&E, 2 Accountants, 3 Project officers, 1 Outreach officer, 1 security guard, 1 Office Attendant and Program Manager/CEO. These staff members manage several programs the organization delivers.

b) PADI has also 120 volunteers working in different fields.

  1. Two veterinary officers – supporting the revolving goat scheme to OVCs care givers.
  2. Two water engineers – specialists in water projects.
  3. Two home based careers supporting the people living with AIDS.
  4. 1 economist assisting projects coordinator of PADI programs.
  5. 1 teacher with special education on children with disabilities who deal with disabled children.
  6. 112 Volunteers at village levels (support IGA programs, Older people Monitoring Groups and Older People Forum leaders).

c) Partners: PADI works with some CBOs / NGOs;

  1. TRIUMPH – Mbinga.
  2. MTP – Madaba Tushikamane Pamoja, Songea Rural.
  3. HURUMA GROUP – Namtumbo.
  5. NJODINGO – Njombe.
  6. KIWAUMBA – Mbarali, Mbeya.
  7. PADI has been appointed as Tanzania Social Protection Network Host (with 33 members- registered organization).