In 5 August 2000 PADI officially opened the programs by setting aside Tsh. 100,000 for micro credit to 10 older people and Tsh. 40,000 for 12 revolving poultry scheme to 12 older people in Ruvuma region funded by PADI member’s contribution.

Some Beneficiaries benefiting from Micro-Credit and Animal schemes

To date PADI is supporting 2100 (1600 older people and 500 MVC care givers) in Micro-credit scheme in Njombe and Ruvuma regions financed by HAI/CORD AID/SIDA, SAFT, NJOCOBA BANK, CRDB BANK and Njombe Town Council while revolving animal scheme which include goats and chicken schemes benefiting over 3600 older people,250 MVC and Disabled Children care givers in Ruvuma and Njombe funded by HAI/SIDA/EU and PADI.

Micro- credit scheme in Madaba Ruvuma Sanga & Family.

Mrs Lucy Mpangala (OP) has managed to raise her income from gardening to Dairy cattle and bio gas is among over 1600 Micro-Credit beneficiaries in Njombe and Ruvuma regions